The Best Bakeries in Melbourne

Anyone craving for the best bread or drink in Melbourne, Australia below we have compiled list of the best bakeries that will send you back for more.

Covent Bakery.
Located in the serene surroundings of Abbot Convent with lush grounds, wide variety community events, coupled with expansive lawns ideal during warmer months where music bands performance is accessioned on every weekend live. The Bakery has breakfast and lunch prepared onsite upon order. Among other things the menu contains flavored loafs, roasted organic coffee, cones and evening pizzas


Kylie’s Slow Dough.
Located Rathdowne Street Kylie’s Slow Dough is unique for its one of a kind full flavored bread with distinctive taste not forgetting the hospitality and good conversation.


Tivoli Road Bakery.
Situated Tivoli Road in South Yarra run by baker Michael James and his wife, is one of the best bakeries in Melbourne.  Bread is luscious, crumby and reminiscent oatmeal, multigrain and has varieties to choose from. This of course the main focus meal in the Bakery.  For lunch you can order sandwiches, with soy slices and linseed bread. Sweets are also available for those who need them, sausage, roster soup, Myrtleford Butter, Mount Zero olives also sold.


Dench Bakers.
Situated 109 Scotcher St. has a lot to offer for a bakery. Nicely baked bread and pastries, great coffee, cakes. Though pricey Dench Baker is worth the money.


Noisette Port Melbourne.
This bakery located at 84 Bay St Port offers a delightful French fancies. Attention to details makes French macaroons worth the money. This bakery also prides itself in offering handmade chocolates, mini desert and marshmallows.


Lune Croissanterie.

Croissanterie has gained popularity as one of the best bakeries in Melbourne as people throng the place for weekend bite of pastries, though you have to wake up earlier to grab one, it’s worth your while. The bakery also offers French croissants, Lune among other delicacies.

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