Some Of Our Favorite Cafe’s in Melbourne

A Cafe is a delight for everyone offering him/her a light meal or a beautiful coffee.

So lets find out some of the best cafes in Melbourne, Australia.

1.1932 Cafe & Restaurant
•Vegetable Friendly
•Gluten Free options available
•Vegan Options
•Australian Cafe
•Art & Decorative Building
•Attentive Service
•Brilliant Food

Location:220 Collins St | Manchester Unity Building,Melbourne,Victoria 3000,Australia.

2.Operator 25

•Vegetable Friendly
•Gluten free
•Vegan Options
•Great Coffee
•Fast Service
•Delicious Meal

Location:25 Wills St,Melbourne,Victoria 3000,Australia.

3.The Hardware Societe

•Austailian Cafe
•A Breakfast Heaven
•Delicious Food
•Recommended for Lobster egg Bendicts
•Relaxing Environment

Location:120 Hardware St,Melbourne,Victoria 3000,Australia.


4.Two Birds,One Stone

•Vegetable Friendly
•Gluten Free
•Fantastic Service
•Super Friendly Staff
•Great Coffee
•Best For Egg Lovers

Location:12 Claremont St,Melbourne,Victoria 3141,Australia.


5.Axil Coffee Roasters

•Vegetable friendly
•Gluten free
•Best for coffee lovers
•Quite Ample Interior Space
•AI Fresco area Set up on the Footpath
•Quite Relaxing Atmosphere

Location:322 Burwood Rd,Melbourne,Victoria,Australia.


6.Seven Seeds

•Vegetable Friendly
•Gluten free
•Fabulous Coffee
•Kind and Nice staff
•Relaxing Environment
•Great Sitting Facilities
•Cool Vibes!

Location:114 Berkley Street | Carlton,Melbourne,Victoria,Australia.


7.Manchester Press

•Vegetable friendly
•Gluten Free
•Great Service
•For ACAI Bowl Lovers
•Beautiful Loose Leaf tea
•Variety of Flavours

Location:8 Rankins Lane,Melbourne,Victoria 3000,Australia.



•Great for Cake Lovers
•Italian Light Meals Also Available
•European Meals Also Available
•Vegetable Friendly
•Vegan Options

Location:380 Lygon St | Carlton Vic,Melbourne,Victoria 3053,Australia.

9.St Ali Coffee Roasters

•Vegetable friendly
•Gluten free
•Vegan Options
•Great coffee,Tea and smoothies
•Fast service
•Good for chilling out with friends
•Relaxing Music is Icing on the cake!

Location: 12-18 Yarra PI,Melbourne,Victoria 3205,Australia.

10.The Kinfolk

•Vegetable friendly
•Gluten free
•Vegan Options available
•Many Volunteers working for a good cause
•Tasty and Fresh Food
•Great Coffee
•These Folka work with a local community to run a charitable business
•100% profits to charity.

Location: 673 Bourke St,Melbourne,Victoria 3000,Australia.

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