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The Cupcake Bakery uses a combination of franchise stores and company owned stores to help grow the strength of the brand and the network reach. Franchising is so successful because you can be in business for yourself but not by yourself. You are able to benefit from our proven business model and we are all able to benefit by increasing the brand footprint at a rate that would otherwise be unachievable. This results in a higher customer brand recall and also better buying power. "With more than 50% of total retail businesses in the United States, 45% in Canada and 26% in Australia choosing a franchise model for expansion, the impact of franchising on retail industries across the globe is considerable" - wikipedia

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for people who are dedicated, with a drive to succeed and
a passion for our brand and products.

We are looking for people who are willing to be hands on in the running of their business
as this ensures an efficient operation that can perform to its best.

We are looking for positive people who enjoy welcoming and talking to customers
and contribute to their positive experience at The Cupcake Bakery.

We are looking for Ambassadors for The Cupcake Bakery brand who want
to join us in our mission to be the premier treat destination in Australia and the world.

Why become a part of the cupcake bakery

There are many reasons why The Cupcake Bakery should be your choice of franchise

1. The Product Offering.
When you bite into any of our cakes, they will always be fresh and noticeably made from scratch, using real ingredients like butter and sugar. The cupcakes themselves are irresistible, but remember you also have coffee, drinks and sundaes as part of your menu. In fact we have our very own unique blend of coffee, which is made from 100% Arabica beans sourced from India, Central and South America, Indonesia and Ethiopia

2. Our Brand
We have developed our brand to be trendy, unique and well recognised. Just ask any of our thousands of Facebook fans! We also have a solid online presence with our website
Try and Google Australia 'cupcake', we are at the top of the list.

3. The Revenue
The revenue generated from a single store can be quite substantial. We are not your everyday run-of-the-mill coffee shop, which happens to sell cupcakes; we also supply large corporate events, weddings, birthdays and any other special occasion. Imagine combining the revenue from a cafe and a wedding cake store!

4. Our Design
The designs of our stores create a whimsical experience that lures customers in and provides them with an unforgettable experience. We also design our stores to maximise the exposure of the cakes so the cupcakes practically sell themselves.

5. Our Locations
The Cupcake Bakery only opens stores in the most superior locations and do not require a large footprint, hence, you can keep your overheads down while maintaining high sales. Some of our highest performing stores are the smallest ones.

6. Our Resiliency
As the products we sell are relatively low cost, we can have comfort that we are quite resilient in economic downturns and sell well in times of prosperity.

7. Ease of Operation
We produce the cupcakes and deliver them to you, so there is no cooking involved for you, just lots of energy and a friendly face to tackle the crowds! You don't even need to have previous experience in retailing as you will be trained in everything you need to know.

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