Common pests to watch out for in Adelaide

Adelaide is inhabited by its fair share of insects and small animals that are mostly harmless but some consider as pests. This is especially true for home and office building owners who have to be vigilant. These pests are a nuisance in Adelaide homes with some causing considerable damage. It is therefore essential to be familiar with common pests in Adelaide and how to identify them. Be sure to get a building & pest inspection in adelaide, before buying a property.

According to studies, a quarter of all Australian homes will be infested with termites at least once. The climate in Adelaide is especially favorable for termites and there are many buildings. Termites are the most destructive pests in Australia and cause damages that run to thousands of dollars per home. If you notice termites in or near your home, contact a pest control specialist immediately for inspection and elimination. It is also possible to eliminate termites yourself by using Arsenic dust and Permethrin Dust but it is advisable to let a pest control specialist handle it.

Mice and Rats
These rodents are a health hazard. They carry fleas, parasites, and bacteria that spread diseases. Additionally, they are attracted to food sources and contaminate food in kitchens and pantries. Mice and rats chew through electrical wires, wood, cardboard and cause great damage to air ventilation systems. Their presence can be detected by droppings and an awful urine smell as well as scratching and scampering noises in the walls and floor. To handle an infestation, you can block all points of entry, trap them and remove food that might attract them. Contact a pest control specialist if the infestation gets out of control.

Cockroaches prefer warm and damp places especially in kitchens and even wall cavities. They spread diseases such as salmonella and dysentery when they contaminate human food. You can control them using insect sprays and bait traps. If it is a major infestation, bring in pest control. To prevent future infestation, maintain cleanliness and prevent access to food.

Ants are generally a nuisance but some might carry diseases or bite which is painful and dangerous to those allergic to it. An ant infestation can be detected by their nests and small piles of soil along the base of exterior walls. To eliminate ants, block their entry points, clean up sticky food residues and cover food. Contact pest control if the infestation is too big.

Always be keen for pests when buying or renting a home or office space. Pest damage and control can be costly if not dealt with immediately.

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